Nyakato Community Support Organization

About Us

Nyakato Community Support Organization (ncso), is an organization headquartered in Hoima City with a number of programs designed to empower local communities to enable them develop themselves. Cognizant of challenges of poverty, NCSO serves as a forum for mobilizing and fundraising for all development and humanitarian programs in Hoima City and the Albertine region. Further, the Organization oversees the implementation, monitoring and evaluation of funded programs and projects to ensure that they reap the necessary social and economic benefits to the target communities. unemployment, climate change, widening gap between the poor & the rich and marginalization amidst growing urbanization, vulnerable people are left at the peripheral of development as they cannot speak for themselves.
Established and registered as a CBO in 2017 with Hoima District Local Government, upon its successful operation and great impact in transforming people’s socio-economic lives the organization in 2021 was elevated to a National Charity Organization fully registered under the Companies Act no. 1 of 2012 of the republic of Uganda as Company Limited by Guarantee.

Nyakato Community Support Organization recognizes that every human being is born with potential to live a better and impactful life and it is sometimes the environment in which one lives that curtails this potential.
Therefore, through various empowerment programs the organization seeks to empower local communities so that they can be able to break the barriers for their advancement. We believe that no development can be achieved without self-drive from the communities themselves.
In achieving our mandate of empowering communities we work with other stakeholders because we recognize that development is not a one-man show. In this we work with government agencies, non-government organizations, individuals and companies that are involved in the same work because we believe that united we stand, divided we fall.
You can be part of this effort through contributing both financial and other resources for the good of the communities in Hoima City and beyond


To enhance the capacity and empower poor rural and peri-urban communities including women, children, youth, aged and persons with disabilities through implementing programs in the fields of general healthcare promotion, education support, environmental conservation, agricultural development, women empowerment, youth skilling and employment support among others.


To have an empowered and healthy communities.

Our Core Values