Hoima gets new six new mosques!

Nyakato Community Support Organization

The Muslim community of Hoima City are celebrating after Nyakato Community Support Organization in partnership with One Nation Uganda constructed five mosques for them in a bid to bring services to them. The five mosques were constructed in Kyedikyo, Kaitira, Kyedikyo, Buhanika, Butebere and Butema.
Also there was construction of a bore hall on each mosque to provide water for the people who come to the mosque as well as the surrounding communities. According to the local leaders, the people around those areas have been facing a challenge of access to clean water and they thanked Hon Nyakato Asinansi, the Director of the organization of NCSO for working with the One Nation Uganda to support the people of Hoima.
One Nation is a global humanitarian agency that has been supporting communities in areas of education, health, water and spiritual development.

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