Nyakato Community Support Organization

Clean water for health and wealth

Water is essential for the good health. Lack of access to clean and safe water has huge health and economic effects to the communities. Children miss or come to school late because they have to walk long distances to search for clean water.

Women spend most of the productive time searching for clean water and this impacts on their productivity. Consuming unsafe and contaminated water leads to diseases like typhoid, diarrhea among others which negatively impacts on people socially and economically. According to UNICEF, Uganda loses 3 children everyday due to diarrhea which is largely related to lack of safe water. This is on top of other diseases like typhoid, bilharzia among others.
Under the program “Clean water for health and wealth”, we have in the past two years repaired ten bore holes that had taken years without clean and safe water. The bore holes were repaired in the areas of Kihomboza, Nyarugabo, Kiriisa, Kiduma COU, Kirubika, Buswekera and Kirubika in Hoima City. We have also constructed five new bore holes in Hoima City.