Nyakato Community Support Organization

"Empowering Rural Communities"
Nyakato Community Support Organization

About Us

Nyakato Community Support Organization is an organization headquartered in Hoima City with a number of programs designed to empower local communities to enable them develop themselves. Cognizant of challenges of poverty, unemployment, climate change, widening gap between the poor & the rich and marginalization amidst growing urbanization, vulnerable people are left at the peripheral of development as they cannot speak for themselves.

Our Vision

To have an empowered and healthy communities

Our Mission

To enhance the capacity and empower poor rural and peri-urban communities including women, children, youth, aged and persons with disabilities through implementing programs in the fields of general healthcare promotion, education support, environmental conservation, agricultural development, women empowerment, youth skilling and employment support among others.

Our Core Values

1. God fearing.
2. Teamwork.
3. Professionalism.
4. Voluntarism.
5. Integrity.
6. Compassion.
7. Transparency.
8. Accountability.

Our Programs

Nyakato Community Support Organization
Clean water for health and wealth
Water is essential for the good health. Lack of access to clean and safe water has huge health and economic effects to the communities. Children miss or come to school late because they have to walk long distances to search for clean water. Women spend most of the productive time searching for clean water and this impacts on their productivity.
Nyakato Community Support Organization

Skilling for empowerment
Uganda has continued to grapple with the challenge of unemployment as majority of the youth can’t access jobs. However, for one to compete in the jo market, he must be having the power and competence to do the job. In Uganda there is a challenge of many of the youths lacking skills to make them compete in the job market.

Nyakato Community Support Organization

Educate a girl child, empower the future
Girl children in Hoima City and Uganda in general continue to face gender related problems that lead them to drop out of school. Many teenagers miss school whenever they are in their periods and this affect their performance.

Nyakato Community Support Organization

Education for empowerment
This is a program in which young people are supported to attain education through cost sharing. Through this program, we secured half bursaries with Metropolitan International University and Victoria University where students study at a small fee.

Donate to one of our Programs

You can be part of this effort through contributing both financial and other resources for the good of the communities in Hoima City and beyond